The IIAA puts tremendous effort in promoting sportsmanship.  Sportsmanship is constantly reinforced to staff and youth.  After every game, coaches from both teams complete a sportsmanship rating of that game (they rate the other team and their own team).  Throughout a sports’ season, coaches are provided with a report showing the sportsmanship ratings.

The only award coaches receive from the IIAA is a plaque when they have led their teams to high levels of sportsmanship!



Because of the different  populations in the various facilities, the IIAA oftentimes has mismatched games.  To balance these games, coaches/staff are provided with a list of “lopsided game hints” for each sport which spells out strategies that can be used to make the game a positive event for both teams.  For example, in basketball, our rules state that “the stronger team must implement the following:  no pressure defense, no fast breaks, do not stall, play extremely tight zone to allow weaker team some uncontested shots —  and make sure your kids do this in a respectful manner.”

A coach has the responsibility to assure that both teams, his team and the opponents, have a successful game.

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